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Boiler Water Analysis System
Sampling System for Boiler Water

Monitoring and controlling of boiler water is necessary for safe operation of the boilers in power generation of utility companies and IPP (Independent Power Producer), and waste heat recovering systems. The high temperature and pressure samples are introduced to the analyzers after reduction to the suitable temperature and pressure. The measurement results are output as transmission signals.

The sampling system adopts automatic temperature compensation system built in the pH transmitter, instead of complicated, expensive, and maintenance-required constant temperature unit. Also adopted is the flow stabilizing unit, which provides the sample at a stable flow rate even when the incoming sample pressure fluctuates by three times,

Product Coding System and Measurement Items
product coding system and measurement it
Sampling System for Boiler Water

Automatic Sampling System for Super Critical Pressure Boiler (600MW)

Model: BSCX17-4RA-17M




Automatic Sampling System for Super Critical Pressure Boiler (700MW)

Model: BSC13-13M-13E




Automatic Sampling System for IPP

Power Plant (390MW)

Model: BSC12-10M-9E-4P




Sampling System for Industrial Waste

Treatment Plant

Model: BSC3-3M-3E-3P-3C



Sampling System for Geothermal

Power Plant (30MW)

Model: BSS3-3M-1 E-2P-3TU


Major Components

Automatic Decompressor/Manual Variable Decompressor

RA 401.jpg

Manual decompressor

with gauge

RM 401.jpg

Manual decompressor



Fixed decompressor


Automatic decompressor

Model: RA-401

Fixed decompressor: The length of the insertion of the core rod is fixed.

Manual decompressor: The length of the insertion of the    core rod is manually controlled.

Automatic decompressor: The length of the insertion of the core rod is automatically controlled for stable sample supply under pressure-varying operation of the boiler.

Sample Cooler

Sample Cooler

Sample cooler cools high temperature sample down to normal temperature.

Sample cooler

sample cooler.jpg

Sample cooler



Combined with decompressor, flow stabilizer keeps inflow of the sample   to analyzer

at a constant rate under pressure-varying conditions.

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