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Diagram of City Water Process
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Automatic Water Quality Measurement Equipment for City  Water 
Model : MWB4-72
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Fully automates daily water quality inspections as stipulated by laws & regulations. Our equipment achieved high reliability, durability, and excellent operation & maintenance ; strengthening water quality management and saving labor cost.

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  • Automated measurement of the water quality at the end of the a water supply Line.

  • Real-time measurement

  • Continuous Measurement of up to 7 parameters without reagent :
    Turbidity / Color / Residual Chlorine/ pH / Conductivity / WaterTemp. / Water Pressure

  • Remote monitoring system. Dedicated software to simultaneously manage data and remotely conduct maintenance on the cleaning and calibrating functions for handling abnormalities.

  • Excellent operability and service ability

             -  Interactive system and easy view touch panel color display.

             -  Displays an easy-to-understand trend graph that indicates variations in                     the water quality.

             -  Calculates total running time with equipment maintenance notification.

             -  Uses streams of water to automatically clean the turbidity/color                                     measurement cell. No need for  movable parts and enhances durability.

             -  Use rotary polarographic method, unaffected by flow fluctuations, for                         residual-chlorine measurement. Use an improved bead blasting method                   for electrode cleaning.

             -  Automatic zero calibration (for residual chlorine, color, and turbidity           


Measurement Item and Performance
Measurement items and performance-01.jpg
Measurement Standard Specification
Main Standard Specifications-01.jpg
External dimensions
External dimensions-01.jpg
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