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Ambient Air Quality Analyzer

In order to protect the beautiful earth, DKK-TOA is working on all kinds of environmental problems with the latest technology.

Increasingly global destruction of nature such as acid rain, destruction of the ozone layer, death of forests, photochemical air pollution, heat island phenomenon, etc. progresses more and more, cat a cloud on the human race.

DKK-TOA is committed to preserving the global environment and realizing the rich future of humanity as a corporate philosophy, and as a professional in environmental atmospheric measurement, we have received a great deal of trust in both its history, achievements and services

In order to keep the beautiful earth for the next generation, as a top manufacturer of atmospheric analyzers for the environment, we will continue to focus on advanced technologies on a daily basis.

Air Quality Monitoring System (AQMS)

Mobile monitoring station

Excellent mobility and speedy checking 

Our mobile monitoring station which compactly equipped various state-of-the-art measuring machines to investigate environmental pollution situation. 

The data gathered at the necessary points is sent to the central monitoring center through the subscribing telephone line directly from the measuring car and is compiled and analyzed 

Three models that can be selected according to the scale and needs of the survey. Everything can check air pollution speedily.

One-box van type.jpg

One-box van type

Mini mobile station.jpg

Mini mobile station

Container type.jpg

Container type

Mobile monitoring station.jpg
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