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The Guardian to Protect Nature Life Source "Water"
Water Quality System is a facility to measure pollutants such as Chemacal Oxygen Demand (COD),Biochemical
Oxygen Demand (BOD), Total Phosphates (TP), Total Nitrogen (TN), Turbidity Analyzer, Free Chlorine Analyzer,
Alkalinity Analyzer etc. The required parameters are customized according to the type of factory and discharge regulations.

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Water Quality Monitoring System


Automatic Total Nitrogen/Phosphorus/COD analyzer

Model : NPW-160

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• Measuring based on official measuring method.
• Compact design compliant. Space-saving design attained by eliminating back piping.
• Multiple-wavelength detector enables measurement of total nitrogen, total phosphorus and
• Drip-proof construction
• Measuring range
Total nitrogen ; 0~2mg/L to 50 mg/L,
Total phosphorus ; 0~0.5mg/L to 20mg/L, COD(UV) ; 0~2Abs

Cyanide Ion Analyzer

Model : CNMS-4

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• Sensor diagnostic function
• Next calibration, sensor sensitivity, calendar, error information displayed
• Data with high accuracy attainable with use of thermostat tank
• Measuring range 0.03~5mg/L (free setting)

Specification Sheet
Ammonium Ion Monitor

Model : NHMS-4

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ㆍA simple measurement method using an ion element is employed.
ㆍContinuous monitoring for ammonium ion concentration in plant wastewater, rivers, and water purification plant intake
ㆍAutomatic cleaning and automatic calibration function enables stable measurement
ㆍEasy operation by touch panel method
ㆍLow-concentration calibration function available (optional)

Oil Film Detector

Model : ODL-1600

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• Oil film is detected by measuring differences of the amount of laser reflectance of oil and water
• With improvements on light source scanning and signal processing, influences occurred in
broad water surfaces such as fluctuation, waviness and suspended solids have been reduced effectively
• Contact-free and easy maintenance
• Measuring object range : 0.3~3m

Oil Film Detector

Model : OF1600

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• Oil film is detected by measuring differences of the amount of LED reflectance of oil and water
• Small and lightweight design
Contact-free and easy maintenance
• Measuring object range : About 0.5 m

Automatic Total Nitrogen Analyzer

Model : TNC-250

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• Reagentless thermal decomposition and chemical luminescence methods
• Suitable for measuring seawater samples
• Capable of measuring samples including SS
• Front panel operation enables easy maintenance
• Measuring range Optional setting of either 0~20/50/100/200/500/1000 mg N/L

Simplified Cyanide Ion Monitor

Model : CNBM-160 (field installation type)
Model : CNBM-100A (panel type)

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• Outdoor field installation type (CNBM-160) / Compact DIN96 size unit (CNBM-100A)
• Single-operation calibration with a standard solution
• Auto detection of electrode deterioration
• Automatic electrode error judgment during measurement
• Measuring range 0.00~9.99mg/L

Organic Pollution Monitor (UV meter)

Model : OPM-1610 (Immersion type and Sampling type)

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OPM-1610 is organic pollution monitors by ultraviolet absorbance method. Two types of detector, immersion type and sampling type.
• Measurement and convert to BOD/COD in one unit.
• Low maintenance cost and easy operate.
• With energy saving lamp, it reduces electricity cost.
• Measuring method : 2 wave absorbance spectrophotometric method Ultraviolet 254nm/visible light ray continuous
• Measuring range : Absorbance (Abs); 0 - 2.5 (COD/BOD : 0-2000 mg/L)

Oil Film Detector

Model : ODL-1610A (Long-Distance Model)

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• Enables oil film detection even if the surface of sample is 10m away from the detecting cell
• Ideal for difficult conditions such as turbulent water and places where is difficult to setup near water
• Contact-free and easy maintenance
• Measuring object range : 0.3~10m

Automatic Water Quality Measurement Equipment for City Water

Model : MWB4-72

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ㆍB4 size compact design for high reliability, durability and excellent maintainability.
ㆍContinuously measure 7 items of turbidity, chromaticity, residual chlorine, pH, electrical conductivity, water temperature, and water pressure without reagent.
ㆍUses an easy-to-understand color touch panel and interactive method.
ㆍBattery backup function supported (optional).

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