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เครื่องวัด Turbidity

Turbidity Analyzer

Model : TUF-1600

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TUF-1600 continuously measures the turbidity of water for public water supply and sewerage
system, river water, and water used in industrial processes. A light flux is applied to an
overflowing water surface in a measuring cell and the resultant light scattering is measured:
surface scattering light measuring method is adopted to this turbidity analyzer.

Measuring Item :
Water Quality Meter

Model : WQC-24

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• Simultaneous measure 11 parameters : pH, DO, conductivity, turbidity, temp., salinity, total dissolved solid, specific gravity of sea water, water depth, ORP, chlorophyll, lons (F-,CI,NO3-, Ca2+, Kt, NH4+ )
• Continuous measurement at depth of 100m (excluding ions)
• Diameter of standard sensor module is 45mm
• Up to 1-month-long data storage
• pH adopts a strong-pH electrode that is resistant to cracking, and a non-flowing DO electrode that realizes measurement with dissolved oxygen at no flow velocity is adopted.

Measuring Items :
pH, ORP, Conductivity, Resistivity, Dissolved Oxygen, Ion, Multi Parameter, Turbidity
Automatic Water Quality Measurement Equipment for City Water

Model : MWB4-72

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ㆍB4 size compact design for high reliability, durability and excellent maintainability.
ㆍContinuously measure 7 items of turbidity, chromaticity, residual chlorine, pH, electrical conductivity, water temperature, and water pressure without reagent.
ㆍUses an easy-to-understand color touch panel and interactive method.
ㆍBattery backup function supported (optional).

Measuring Items
Multi Parameter, Turbidity
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