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Portable monitor for 6 gases

Model : GX-6000


• Up to 6 gases can be detected and displayed simultaneously.
• VOC can be detected by adoption of the PID sensor.
• Multi languages can be displayed (Japanese/English and others).
• Measurement in a dark place is safely done with the LED light.
• Equipped with panic alarm & man down alarm function.
• Intrinsic safety (Explosion-proof class: Exia II CT4X).

Explosion-proof : ATEX, TIIS Explosion-proof authorized
Explosion-proof construction: Intrinsic safety
Explosion-proof class: II 1G Ex IIC T4 Ga

HK : HK (NIPPON HAKUYOHIN KENTEI KYOKAI) Prototype approval accepted

Drawing : Pump drawing type

Main Specifications
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