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Portable Type Detector
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Single gas
Multi gas
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Personal multi gas monitor
(HC or CH4, O2, H2S, CO)

Model : GX-2009


• Simultaneous detection of utmost 4 components possible.
• Protection level: IP67 equivalent.
• Intrinsic safety (explosion-proof  class: Exia II CT4X).
• Peak holding function provided.
• Data logger function (utmost 600 hours) equipped.

GX-2009 {2}.jpg
Handheld multi gas monitor (HC or CH4, O2, H2S, CO)

Model : GX-2012/ GX-2012GT


• 1 ppm of hydrogen sulfide alarm settable. (detection of hydrogen sulfide is possible with GX-2012 only).
• Leak of the combustible gas can be checked (applicable only for GX-2012GT).
• Intrinsic safety (explosion-proof class: Exia II CT4X).
• Safe protection class for outdoors: IP67 equivalent.


GX-2009 {2}.jpg
Portable monitor for 6 gases

Model : GX-6000


• Up to 6 gases can be detected and displayed simultaneously.
• VOC can be detected by adoption of the PID sensor.
• Multi languages can be displayed (Japanese/English and others).
• Measurement in a dark place is safely done with the LED light.
• Equipped with panic alarm & man down alarm function.

Handheld gas leakage detector

Model : SP-220


• Target gas changeable
• Quick and reliable detection for small amount of gas leakage.
• Strong for impact and dirt, robust and stylish body.
• The durability of the sensor has been improved with a built-in filter.
• Data logger function equipped (256 data at the maximum can be recorded).

Portable combustible gas monitor

Model : GP-1000 / NC-1000/ 



• Direct reading of the concentration values of combustible gases of 25 gases.
• Easy operation feature of changing the gas name display with 1 switch button.
• Long distance drawing possible with the pump booster function.
• Various combustible gases can be measured by the ppm order with NC-1000.

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