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Portable Gas Analyzer

product NOA-7100-01.jpg

Transportable NOx/ NO / NO2 / O2 Analyzer

  •  Wireless Data Communication

  •  Data Monitoring from a remote Location

  •  Offer NOx measurements for applications ranging from exhaust gas measurment of combustion   equipments to combustion and denitrification research.

product CFP-8000-01.jpg

Pretreatment unit

  •  For removing dust and moisture when performing continuous gas analysis

  • ​ Light - weight and compact

product NOA-7100-01.jpg

Transportable CO/ CO2 / CH4 / Analyzer

  •  Transmit Data via wifi

  •  Outstanding Stability

  •  Measure a wide Range of Concentrations, from ppm-level to Vol% - Levels

product SOA-7000-01.jpg

Transportable SO2 Analyzer

  • Compact and light - weight Analyzer

  • Wide range of applications from testing research to field work

  • ​O2 measurement is available as option

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