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เครื่องวัด Nitrogen/Phosphorus

Automatic Total Nitrogen/Phosphorus/COD analyzer

Model : NPW-160

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• Measuring based on official measuring method.
• Compact design compliant. Space-saving design attained by eliminating back piping.
• Multiple-wavelength detector enables measurement of total nitrogen, total phosphorus and
• Drip-proof construction
• Measuring range
Total nitrogen ; 0~2mg/L to 50 mg/L,
Total phosphorus ; 0~0.5mg/L to 20mg/L, COD(UV) ; 0~2Abs

Measuring Item :
Nitrogen/Phosphorus, COD/BOD
Automatic Total Nitrogen Analyzer

Model : TNC-250

GX-2009 {1}.jpg

• Reagentless thermal decomposition and chemical luminescence methods
• Suitable for measuring seawater samples
• Capable of measuring samples including SS
• Front panel operation enables easy maintenance
• Measuring range Optional setting of either 0~20/50/100/200/500/1000 mg N/L

Measuring Item :
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