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Analyzer For Cuty-Water MWB4-72

• Compact body
• Color touch panel
• Excellent operability
• Easy maintenance

Automated measurement of the water quality at the end of the a water supply Line. Real-time measurement.

MWB4 series fully automates the daily inspection of water quality, thereby enhancing water quality management  and cutting down on labor. The field-proven success of this equipment is a testament to its excellent reliability and durability, as well as its superb operability and serviceability.

Automatic water quality measurement equipment for city water


system configuration example-01.jpg

• Remote monitoring system

This equipment uses dedicated software to simultaneously manage data and remotely conduct maintenance on the cleaning and calibrating functions for handling abnormalities.

•  Small B4 size capable of measuring seven parameters continuously

Small B4-01.jpg
Excellent -mwb4-01.jpg

• Excellent operability and serviceability

- Equipped with an interactive system and intuitive touchpanel color display that is easy on the eyes.
- Displays an easy-to-understand trend graph that indicates variations in the water quality.
- Calculates the total running time and provides the user with a notice for equipment maintenance once every three months and once every year.
- Uses streams of water to automatically clean the turbidity/color measurement cell. This eliminates
   the need for movable parts and greatly enhances durability.
- Uses a rotary polarographic method, which is unaffected by flow fluctuations, for residual-chlorine measurement. Uses an improved bead blasting method for electrode cleaning.
- Implements automatic zero calibration (for residual chlorine, color, and turbidity measurement).

Measurement items and performance

Measurement items and performance-01.jpg

Main Standard Specifications

Main Standard Specifications-01.jpg

External dimensions

External dimensions-01.jpg
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