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เครื่องวัด Ions 

Portable Multi-Parameter Water Quality Meter

Model : HM-40P (P40 Series)

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• Measuring parameters : pH / ORP / Ion
• Versatile Type
• Datamemory 1500 data
• Backlight function
• Waterproof
• Battery life 2000 hours (approx)

Measuring Item : 
pH, ORP, Ion, Multi Parameter
Water Quality Meter

Model : WQC-24

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• Simultaneous measure 11 parameters : pH, DO, conductivity, turbidity, temp., salinity, total dissolved solid, specific gravity of sea water, water depth, ORP, chlorophyll, lons (F-,CI,NO3-, Ca2+, Kt, NH4+ )
• Continuous measurement at depth of 100m (excluding ions)
• Diameter of standard sensor module is 45mm
• Up to 1-month-long data storage
• pH adopts a strong-pH electrode that is resistant to cracking, and a non-flowing DO electrode that realizes measurement with dissolved oxygen at no flow velocity is adopted.

Measuring Item : 
pH, ORP, Conductivity, Resistivity, Dissolved Oxygen, Ion, Multi Parameter, Turbidity
Cyanide Ion Analyzer

Model : CNMS-4

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• Sensor diagnostic function
• Next calibration, sensor sensitivity, calendar, error information displayed
• Data with high accuracy attainable with use of thermostat tank
• Measuring range 0.03~5mg/L (free setting)

Measuring Items :
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Ammonium Ion Monitor

Model : NHMS-4

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ㆍA simple measurement method using an ion element is employed.
ㆍContinuous monitoring for ammonium ion concentration in plant wastewater, rivers, and water purification plant intake
ㆍAutomatic cleaning and automatic calibration function enables stable measurement
ㆍEasy operation by touch panel method
ㆍLow-concentration calibration function available (optional)

Measuring Items :
Simplified Cyanide Ion Monitor

Model : CNBM-160 (field installation type)
Model : CNBM-100A (panel type)

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• Outdoor field installation type (CNBM-160) / Compact DIN96 size unit (CNBM-100A)
• Single-operation calibration with a standard solution
• Auto detection of electrode deterioration
• Automatic electrode error judgment during measurement
• Measuring range 0.00~9.99mg/L

Measuring Items :
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