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Cabinet Coolers

Freon-free, low-cost cooling for controls in hot,
hazardous, corrosive or wash-down environments.
Cabinet coolers1.png
• No maintenance —No moving parts
• Higher BTU per CFM than other cooling products
• Available in aluminum, stainless steel and 316 stainless steel
• Cooling available from 600–5,600 BTU/H
• No vibration to affect CCTV cameras
• Thermostatically controlled units available
• Compact for cramped factory areas
• Requires no electricity
• No RF/EMI interference
• Muffled for quiet operation
• Maintains NEMA 4, NEMA 4x, and NEMA12 integrity
Applications for Cabinet Coolers
• Complement your own OEM equipment
    to create a better product. 
• NC/CNC cabinets 
• Industrial PCs 
• PLCs
• Measuring instruments and
   recording devices
• Closed-circuit TV cameras
• Motor controls and relays
CNC Machining
The Stainless Cabinet Cooling System protects against
fluctuations in this precision grinding operation by cooling the cabinet and allowing the electronics to be sealed against mist contamination. Thermostatic control assures you of efficient compressed air usage.
Multiple Face Machining
The large investment in programming for this horizontal / vertical machining center is protected by the Model 70325 Stainless Thermostatic Cabinet Cooler, which eliminates heat build-up and coolant contamination
of sensitive electronics.
Chemical Processing
The Model 70315 Thermostatic Cabinet Cooling System mounts on the side of this control, out of the operator's way, allowing free rotation of the control and clear view
of the process. Thermostatic control minimizes air usage.
Bottling Plant
Cabinet Cooling Systems are stainless steel, so wash-down of these leak testing and production controls in a bottling operation is easy. NEMA cabinets can be secured without concern for heat build-up.
Cabinet Coolers

Air Guns

Sub-freezing air for dry machining
and spot cooling industrial processes.
Air guns1.png
• No liquids, ozone-depleting chemicals or residue
• Increase feeds, speeds and quality
• Eliminates liquid coolant cost, contamination, skin irritation       and mess
• Finishes the job with a clean, dry part
• Improves tool life, production rates, finish and tolerances
• Eliminates micro-cracking and burning
• Reduces wheel loading and dressing
Applications for Air Guns
Plastics Machining
Air Gun speeds production on this Plastics machining operation and improves finish By cooling cutting tool with 10 ํF (-12 ํC) air.
Screenshot (227).png
Sewing & Embroidering
In production sewing or embroidering, the Air Gun eliminates needle heat build-up-, which Can cause thread burn-through and stoppages.
Product Cooling
Two Stainless Steel Air Guns in a plastic enclosure provide clean, dry, cold air to cool baked goods—for a tiny fraction of the cost of a long cooling conveyor. Conveyor distance was cut from 22 feet to 8 feet.
Screenshot (227).png
Grinding speed can be increased,while still Holding tolerances, by using the AiRTX Air Gun to Cool the wheel and material.
Air Guns

Votex Tubes

Reliable and efficient air with temperature control.
Vortex tubes1.png
• No moving parts, portable, lightweight and low cost
• Uses no electricity, freon or chemicals
• Instant on/off, easy to control
• Generate cold and hot air from a single device
• Available in stainless steel or aluminum
Applications for Vortex Tubes
Spot Welding
Cooling this spot welding operation with a Vortex Tube virtually eliminates secondary smoothing operations and greatly improves the appearance of the product.
Cutting wheels on this slitter can work at top speed-and stay sharper longer-when cold air from Vortex Tubes eliminate the frictional heat buildup. The trim edge is also cleaner.
Screenshot (225).png
Foundry Operations
Cold air from a Vortex Tube is piped into a foundry worker’s protective suit. The Vortex Tube has a large control knob, allowing the cold air to be adjusted while wearing gloves.
Tapping brass clips is completed without messy liquid coolants using 0 ํF (-18 ํC) air from a Vortex Tube to cool the tap. The brass does not have a chance to gum up, the cut is cleaner, and secondary cleaning operations are eliminated.
Votex Tubes
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