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Transportable Gas Analyzer

An all-in-one transportable gas analyzer is ideal for a wide variety of applications in a range of locations.



  • Check Data Wirelessly

Transmit Data via Wi-Fi
Data can now be sent wirelessly via Wi-Fi. This allows measurement values to be displayed on smart devices in the vicinity and helps ensure that changes in concentration are identified. It also eliminates that need to transport a data recorder to the measurement site and configure cables.

  • Outstanding Stability

Ratio Photometric Infrared Gas Analyzer
The infrared gas analyzer maintains a constant sensitivity level during sample concentration measurements by detecting a reference signal independently from the measurement signal and then proportionally correcting the measurement signal based on the reference signal.

Outstanding Stability-01.jpg
  •  Measure a wide Range of Concentrations, from ppm-Levels to vol%-Levels
Measure a wide range-01.jpg

Measure Flow Rates as Low as 100 mL/min

Gases can now be measured at extremely low sample gas flow rates of 100 mL/min. Therefore, the CGT-7100 can be used for a wide range of application, such as reaction researches.

  • Flow Configuration
CGT-7100 Flow Configuration-02.jpg
Specification CGT-7100-01.jpg
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